77 pouches

77 pouches of goodness, satisfaction guaranteed or your next order is free.

invented by two friends with a passion for soup and unlimited creativity we love the idea that anyone can cook or have soup anytime anywhere so we adapted our favorite recipes to be easily prepared any time.

77 forest fruit 12 mg

Relax and enjoy the moment with this delicious fruity flavor. It’s so refreshing!

Product description: This experience will take you on a journey to find your center and bring back that sense of rejuvenation we all need from time to time. With only 10mg, these pouches are perfect for beginners or those looking for a playful escape.

77 fresh mint 12 mg

You can always find a friend to help you enjoy the refreshing flavor of 77 pouches. Just like friends, these mints treat your mouth and taste buds well and go great with other flavors too — we recommend adding some peppermint to satisfy that sweet tooth.

77 ice mint 12 mg

When iced, the breath that flows into your lungs is cool and refreshing. When swallowed, it’s a fiery sensation with hints of peppermint. And only 12mg!

77 apple & mint all white slim portion 20mg/g

Lucky you! You’ve just stumbled on the perfect blend to save your teeth. Our all-white cigarettes naturally complement veneers and dentures, creating a sharper look for those who want it.

 Be careful though, these are powerfully slim; take care not to overdo it.

77 black currant all white slim portion 20mg/g

77 is great for satisfying that sugar craving without the added calories! These all-white slim portions are perfect when it comes time to limit sugars. These little bags of goodness come in three delicious flavors: apple, grape, and pineapple. So next time you need to choose between a doughnut or 77, go with 77.